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Algebra is the branch of mathematics dealing with solving problems that involve mathematical symbols. The word "algebra" is derived from the Arabic word al-jabr, meaning "reunion of broken parts." The simplest forms of algebra involve linear and polynomial equations, and such problems were studied by ancient mathematicians and practitioners as long ago as 1900 BCE. Mathematicians refer to this form of algebra as "school algebra," reserving the word "algebra" for the more advanced and modern aspects of the subject involving topics such as group theory, invariant theory and cohomology.


Algebra timeline Babylonian Metric Algebra Problems Tablet Berlin Pythagorean Theorem Papyrus Rhind Papyrus Al-Khwārizmī's Al-Jabr Khayyam's Al-jabr Cardano's Ars Magna Recorde's Whetstone of Witte Faulhaber's Academia Algebrae Wallis's Treatise of Algebra Emerson's Treatise of Algebra Hermes's Suitcase of Göttingen