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around 1900–1700 BCE

Babylonian Metric Algebra Problems Tablet

Metric algebra problem texts

Each line of the MS 5112 tablet denotes a different mathematical problem. The problems include two ways to extend a square with a solution to complete the square (line 1) and a rectangle's area that is equal to its length plus the front solved with metric algebra (line 8).

Babylonian Metric Algebra Problems Tablet

While the tablet originally contained 23 metric algebra problem texts, only 13 full problems and 3 partly preserved problems remain intact. However, even in fragmentary form, the tablet attests to the proficiency of the ancient Babylonians at solving simple systems of linear and quadratic equations.

Artifact dimensions

8.9 cm × 9.8 cm × 2.7 cm

Original artifact location

Babylonia (historical name), Iraq (current name)

Current artifact location

Oslo, Norway

Catalog number

MS 5112


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